In March, Siukonda promoted the quality month activities!


         Relying on the "3.15 quality integrity" activities carried out in our country, Guangdong Siukonda Air Conditioning seized this opportunity and carried out the quality month activities of " Learning scientific quality tools to create excellent corporate quality!" on March,2017. The quality month activities were aim to improve the overall quality management skills, strengthening overall quality awareness, improve the quality of products and services, ensure the interests of consumers, enhance customer satisfaction and promote the company to realize the vision of "customer satisfaction products. The whole activity was in full swing……




The whole crew attended the opening ceremony for quality activities



         Huang Shengzhong, executive director of Foshan Quality Management Association, is visiting our company to guide product quality control working and training.




Our company propagated work in the quality monthly activities area



       High quality production: each air conditioner product should be inspected by the inspection room before leaving the factory, and can be used by the customer before passing the inspection